Best Obstacle Races For Beginners

I've seen this question asked more than a few ways...“What’s the best obstacle course for beginners?” The answer varies.  The short, simple answer might just be the obstacle course race

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First Obstacle Course Race Questions? I Have Answers

Obstacle course racing and mud runs aren’t a lot like other sports. It can lead to a lot of questions. Sure OCR’s and mud runs involve trail running, but there

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Book Review: Fuel and Fire: Dominate Obstacle Course Racing With Scientific Training Strategies Fueled By Nutrition

I have a goal to read every Obstacle Course Racing and mud run related book there is. I’ve read a good chunk of what’s out there and I’ll share the

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Your First Obstacle Course Race Checklist

So you’ve bought your first obstacle course race entry or you’re thinking about it. Next is to start thinking about two things. Training is one of them. I’m in no way

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OCR Buddy – Race Calendar In App Form

4 out of 5

It’s not hard to find a mud run or obstacle course race. If you’ve ever thought about one, a deluge of ads on Facebook will be targeted towards you anytime

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Salomon Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes Review

4.5 out of 5

Price: $119 at the time of writing Where to buy: Amazon (affiliate link) For your first obstacle course race, wearing a pair of old shoes that you don’t mind getting

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