Welcome to Obstacles Ahead! My name is Mike Crimmins and I’ll be your tour guide here.

I’m neither a coach nor a dietician, I’m an average Joe, some would say weekend warrior. I have a 9-5 that I love as a digital marketing go to guy, but can’t get enough of the mud, barbed wire, and obstacles.

If you’re looking for a coach or a trainer to help you become a better obstacle course racer, I can point you in that direction. 

However, I’ve created this site as a place for people new to mud runs or maybe have some OCR’s under their belts, that want to learn more.

In other words, this is a resource site to hopefully answer any and all questions you have about OCR’s, mud runs and similar events. You’ll find gear reviews, reviews of training programs, book reviews and more. 

If you have any questions, I would be glad to do my best to answer. Feel free to send me a message via the contact form.


About Me

I’ve been doing obstacle course races since 2012. I wouldn’t say I’m an elite athlete by any means, more like a middle of the pack kind of guy that loves OCR’s because it’s a chance to get muddy while playing on a grown up version of a playground. That and racing keeps me motivated to keep working out, and makes me want to eat healthier.  

I’m also a former writer for MudRunGuide.com.