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More than a store. This is a place for new obstacle course racers and seasoned vets to get more OCR information, as well as the gear and equipment needed to conquer even the most difficult courses.

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OCR Training Equipment

All the OCR training equipment that you need to be successful on race... 


From rest days to active recovery days, this is the equipment that... 

Strengthen Your Upper Body

Get ready for the multi-rig and rope climbs. Strengthen, tone, and sculpt your muscles with a range of gear. From versatile resistance bands to sturdy pull-up bars, each item is meticulously designed to challenge your limits and redefine your upper body capabilities. It's time to take charge and shape your way to success over the obstacles.

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Revive, Recharge, Renew

Post-race or just post-workout indulge in a world of relaxation and rejuvenation with our carefully selected recovery tools. From soothing massagers to invigorating rollers, our curated range is crafted to alleviate muscle tension and help you bounce back stronger. Elevate your recovery game and experience the bliss of complete revitalization.

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OCR Shoes

Get Ready To Conquer the Course!

Conquer Any Obstacle

Be ready to conquer any obstacle that gets in your way. Explore our OCR Training Equipment collection. Find the equipment and tools to incorporate into your training to help you be successful on race day and beyond.

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Forge Unstoppable Strength

Be ready for the heavy carries and more. Ignite your strength journey with our formidable Strength Collection. From resilient dumbbells and barbells to versatile kettlebells and plates, our carefully curated gear will fuel your determination and help you forge unstoppable strength. Enhance your grip and power with our innovative gripper and power rope. These obstacles don't stand a chance against you.

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