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VJ MAXx: Men's & Women's OCR Shoes

VJ MAXx: Men's & Women's OCR Shoes

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Meet the new VJ MAXx: Your Trail Companion

Experience the perfect balance of comfort and performance with the VJ MAXx, a trail shoe meticulously crafted to enhance your journey on longer distances. Designed to cater to the demands of endurance, this shoe effortlessly melds breathability, durability, and cushioning, all while maintaining a sleek lightweight profile.

Breathing Space: The upper layer is ingeniously fashioned from breathable sandwich mesh, offering a refreshing airflow to keep your feet comfortable during extended adventures. Reinforced with robust Kevlar fibers, it stands ready to withstand the rigors of challenging terrains. The shoe boasts a slightly larger last with ample space in the toe box, giving your toes room to savor each stride.

Steadfast Grip: Trust the Superior Contact outsole, expertly crafted from VJ's legendary butyl rubber, to deliver unparalleled grip. Whether you're navigating slippery trails or scaling rocky ascents, this outsole ensures your every step is rooted in steadfast traction.

Comfort Unveiled: Enhanced cushioning units grace both the forefoot and heel, offering an oasis of comfort that stands unwavering over long distances. Feel the blissful support as you conquer the trails with each step.

Protective Shield: Fear not the jagged edges of rocky paths or the perils of stray sticks. The full-length Rock Plate seamlessly integrated into the sole acts as a guardian, shielding your feet from sharp obstacles that dare to cross your path.

The new VJ MAXx is your ticket to unparalleled comfort, robust durability, and trail-dominating performance. Whether you're a seasoned trailblazer or a spirited beginner, this shoe invites you to experience the trails in a whole new light. Embrace your journey and let the VJ MAXx carry you through every adventure.

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