Vi Trainer – App Review

Obstacle Course Training

AI is everywhere now. There’s Alexa and Siri. Soon to be self driving calls. Add Vi Trainer to the list.

If you want to be better prepared to run your next obstacle course race. Or if you want a running coach but don’t have the money or maybe there’s not a running coach near you. Vi Trainer is an an option for you to consider.

The simplest way to describe Vi trainer is a running app with artificial intelligence.

It’s not the same as having a running coach by your side for every run you do, but it’s pretty close and it’s a lot more affordable.

Vi Trainer uses data from your runs and goals, to create a running plan to help you reach your goals. While you’re running, Vi (or should I say the voice of Vi) is in your ear, guiding you through your workout.

If that sounds interesting, continue reading…


Training with Vi starts with an initial training run. It’s kind of like a time trial. Data from that run is used to select the initial workouts, as well as the pace for those workouts. Vi also takes into consideration how often you run and your running goals.

I have time run at minimum three times a week and my goal was to lose weight and to train for a 10K. From there, Vi gave me three workouts a week. Each workout is customized for me, giving me a pace or speed that I should aim for in each section of the run.

If I completed all three runs, it gave me three new workouts the next week. Generally each week the workouts grew longer or more intense. I could do other workouts if I wanted from Vi, but there were three main ones each week.  

Of course, it’s not just the workouts. What really makes Vi stand out is that it’s (she’s?) talking to you and guiding you through every workout.

Vi monitors your pace, talks you through the run and gives you tips and motivation. If you’re going too slow, she’ll let you know. She reminds you of why you’re running and not to give up. Her tone is friendly and caring unless you start falling too far off the workout’s intended pace.

The coach is where Vi shines and makes it worth every penny. As of this writing, Vi is $9.99 a month of $99 annually.

Who’s It For

Beginner and intermediate runners who want to improve and/or increase their running without paying for a running coach should try Vi Trainer. It has the beginner program that I wished I had when I started getting back into running five years ago. I now consider myself an intermediate runner and it’s helping me take my running to the next level both as far as improving my running pace and increasing the distance I can run.

Final Thoughts

Vi Trainer is my favorite app right now. I’ve gone from running when I feel like it or have time, to having a running habit. The month before I started using Vi, I ran about 7 miles. The first month I used Vi, I ran 35. I didn’t know that I could run that many miles in one month!

Thanks to Vi, running is now a habit for me and I look forward to each run. More importantly, I think my running game is going to be much better for my next obstacle course race.

Beyond helping me turning running into a habit, Vi really is like having a coach around. I’ve followed running plans before, but I felt like I was running in the dark. With Vi, I feel like I have someone watching me and helping me train. Someone that points out ways that I can improve and is making sure I don’t slack.

My only suggestion for the Vi team is to create different music channels. They play likeable music, upbeat pop/urban/dance that’s easy to run to, but there’s times where I wish I could pick the genre.

Side note – review the Vi Sense headphones coming soon.