Daily Burn Review – Online OCR Training

Review Of Daily Burn Spartan training program
Obstacle Course Training

Looking for a way to train for an obstacle course race from the comfort of your own home? Don’t have your own home gym? Daily Burn might be perfect for you. All you need is a laptop, internet, basic equipment and you’re good to go.


Daily Burn is an online workout video collection. Their digital training programs cover everything from cardio, bodyweight, yoga, mobility and much more. I know I sound like a infomercial announcer when I say much more, but it’s true. They have 33 programs at the time this was written and it seems like more are being added at a regular basis.

Daily Burn Spartan

The Daily Burn Spartan program is 6 weeks long with workouts that are 25-35 minutes long. There are six workouts that repeat each week, as well as mobility and yoga workouts for rest days.

They have three levels of modifications – Sprint for beginners, Super for intermediate athletes and Beast for advanced users. The workouts feel like they’re pulled directly from a Spartan Race and each exercise they designed to help you perform better on the course.

The workouts were fun, moderately easy to follow along with and challenging…if you pushed yourself. It doesn’t compare to the traveling Spartan Workout tour, but outside of training with a Spartan SGX coach (SGX is Spratan’s trainer certification), Daily Burn is a good way to train for an obstacle course race.

Besides the Spartan program, my other program favorites included True Beginner (great for after an extra long workout hiatus a couple of years ago) and TBT (which is tabata focused bodyweight workouts with a focus on strength and mobility).

Daily Burn Workout Options

Who’s It For

Daily Burn is good for beginners as well as intermediate athletes that want to watch a trainer and follow their moves, without having to leave home. With so many program options, there is a workout program for everyone or whatever mood you might be in.

My Thoughts

Daily Burn is a solid option if you want to workout at home, but need some level of guidance. I don’t think any of the programs alone will get you completely ready for an obstacle course. I would recommend mixing in a running routine and pull-up practice, but their programs will get you going in the right direction.

What makes it stand out is the variety of options and the trainers. The trainers aren’t big names like with some of the other online video training programs (think Beach Body), but they do an excellent job explaining and demonstrating the workouts and are easy to like. At least the workout programs that I tested.