BeachBody On Demand Review – Online OCR Training

Obstacle Course Training

For someone that wants to train for their next (or first) obstacle course race, BeachBody On Demand is something worth working into if you’re into working out at home…or if there’s your only option.

For a lot of people who workout at home, BeachBody may be a familiar name. They’ve been helping people get fit and losing weight since the days of DVDs. Maybe even before that. BeachBody On Demand has replaced the DVDs and now you can find almost all of their workout programs there.


BeachBody On Demand sample programs

BeachBody On Demand includes online access to hundreds of workouts, dozens of workout programs and their celebrity trainers.

Workout length and exercises vary depending on what workout program you choose. For the most part, the workouts are between half an hour and an hour long. Most of the workout programs are bodyweight focused with equipment sometimes required. They like their resistance bands. Dumbells and pull-up bars are needed for some programs.

Friendly warning – they will try to upsell you and get you to buy their own equipment, but for the most part you can find compatible equipment on Amazon or at your neighborhood sporting goods store.

I started with the P90X line of programs, led by the trainer to the stars, Tony Horton. For me, his P90X3 workouts fit the best with my busy schedule. Tony and his jokes are an acquired taste, but I found myself looking forward to his workouts. That led to me working out on a regular basis, which in my previous life (pre-OCR) wasn’t always an easy task.

Other programs that will help you prepare for an obstacle course race include, but are not limited to Lift4, 80 Day Obsession, Body Beast and Insanity. These are either ones I’ve tried, or were recommended to me to try for OCR training.

Who’s It For

BeachBody is for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time and or likes to workout at home. It’s for beginner to intermediate athletes that want to follow along with a trainer and their workout program.

Final Thoughts

I’ve tried some of the other online workout sites, but BeachBody is one I keep coming back to use. I used in the past when I wanted to lose weight. Now, I use it to guide me as I work to take my fitness to the next level and get stronger.

A caveat. I like to do a lot of running and pull-ups outside of the Beach Body programs. The programs have cardio built into them, but I tend to do most of my cardio on the treadmill or at the local park. Similar idea with pull-ups. You’ll need a lot of upper body strength for an OCR rig. Some of the Beach Body programs include pull-ups, but I like to have a pull-up and grip routine separate from my BeachBody workouts.

BeachBody include their own nutrition plans with every workout program. They’re solid plans with a focus on on whole foods, vegetables and fruits, but most of them center around their Shakeolodgy product. To me, I’ve never bought into it. A. Shakeology is expensive. B. I like making my own shakes at home with whey protein, frozen fruit and vegetables. Of course, the choice is yours and maybe I’m missing out on something.

Overall, BeachBody On Demand is a solid option for someone that wants to train at home for an obstacle course race.