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Top Obstacle Course Racing Blogs & Podcasts – 2016 Edition

When I get into a new interest, I want to know everything that I can about it. When I started getting into obstacle course racing, I probably read every blog post I could find and downloaded way too many podcasts before I even stepped anywhere near to the starting line. Not to mention books and videos, but now I’m probably getting on a tangent.

If you’re looking for some OCR reading or listening, I put together this list of my favorite blogs and podcasts that are worthwhile.

Best OCR blogs and podcasts

No particular order, other than alphabetical. Just blogs and podcasts that I like.

Barbwire 4 Breakfast – Three elite female OCR racers share their thoughts about training, gear and more. It’s one of the blogs that’s not updated often, but I wish it was.

Dirty in your Skirt – A blog/community geared towards helping women step out of their comfort zone, into the world of OCR and beyond.

Fat Boy Big Wall – Greg provides a fun take on obstacle course racing in his blog. In the grand scheme of things, the story he shares is of an overweight man who started obstacle course racing. Along the way, he’s climbing over the walls on the course and in life.

Muddy Mommy – Adventures in mud racing, marathons, and parenthood. She writes about races, product reviews and includes a healthy dose of inspiration/motivation.

Mud Run Report – One man’s take on the many, many obstacle course races he completes. Includes a full review on the course, festival, and swag so that you know what to expect before you even step foot on the muddy course.

Mud Run Guide – All the obstacle course racing news that’s fit to print and then some, plus listings of most of the major obstacle course races across the world and race registration discounts.

New England Spahtens – Blog and home of the New England-based obstacle racing team. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a team member to read this blog. Includes interviews, training tips, product reviews and more.

Obstacle Dominator – A podcast featuring Ben Greenfield (author/athlete/fitness expert), Hunter McIntyre (elite athlete) and occasionally Rose Wetzel (elite athlete) interview other athletes, give an inside look at the top events and share training tips.

Obstacle Order – On this podcast hosts Philip and Elijah talk obstacle course racing, including their training, their races, as well as interviews with other elite racers. However, my favorite shows are their Motivation Mondays when they talk to the average joe/jane obstacle racer who has transformed their life via the sport.

Obstacle Racing Media – Prominent OCR blog and podcast. The blog side of things includes event coverage, news, and commentary. Podcast side is a who’s who of obstacle course racing – athletes, race directors, etc.

Obstacle Race Runner – Race reviews, training tips, and commentary from a crew that likes obstacle course racing. Okay, more than just like. They’re fanatics.

On My Way To Sparta – Jeff is a former non-runner who has developed into an elite OCR athlete. A healthy dose of obstacle racing thoughts and commentary, as well as race and product reviews.

Solo – Solo is an obstacle course racer who shares her thoughts on the sport and provides information on training, nutrition and gear reviews.

Spartan Up – The official Spartan Race podcast. Spartan founder Joe De Sena and crew interview successful people from all walks of life to determine how they became the person they are today. Not exactly OCR, but more about your development as a person in general.

Are there any blogs or podcasts that I missed? Feel free to link to them in the comments below or shoot me a message and I’ll add them to the list.

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