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2017 Mid Year OCR Goal Check-In

Tough Mudder _ Mud Beard
Give or take, it's roughly the middle of the year, and either way my obstacle course race season is under way and it seemed like a good time as any to check in with this year’s goals. I publicly share my OCR goals to hold myself accountable, but also so that you could learn from my successes and/or (more often) failures. 2017 Goals My largest goal this year is to reach Spartan Fit Level One. ...
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Healthy Snack Choices For The On The Go OCR Athlete

Fruit - Healthy Snack
I’ll be the first to admit that my eating is one of my largest downfalls. Because of my far to often poor food choices, I deal with issues that range from an unhealthy BMI to problems with gout, and most importantly poor performance on the OCR course. I’ve come a long way from the couch potato, party animal that ate fast food french fries and extra large soft drinks multiple times a week, but ...
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The OCR Goals I Didn’t Hit In 2016

And The Goals I Intend To Hit 2017. 2016 was a….year. It was neither bad, nor good for me OCR/health/fitness-wise. It was a learning year. In some ways, I had some really big goals. I had dreams of finally reaching a goal weight, becoming an unrealistically better OCR athlete over night...and why not throw in becoming rich and famous.   For one reason or another, I didn’t hit those goals. Mayb...
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What To Know: Race Week, Race Day And After Your First OCR

You've done the training, now here's what you need to know for the week leading up to the race, what to do on race day and how to recover.
Race Week Congrats! You made it! Now comes the fun part. It’s time to tamper down, saving your energy and strength for race day. Running A week or so before the race, enjoy one long run. It’ll be your last run for distance before the race. During the week, a run half that distance, and then even closer to race day cut the distance in half again. I’m talking only one or two miles tops ...
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Obstacle Course Racing – What To Wear & Gear To Bring

Obstacle Course Racing Clothing, Shoes And Gear
Clothing & Shoes For Obstacle Course Racing You’ve trained. You ate right. Now it’s time for race day. So what do you wear? Clothing I’m not big on hard and strict rules. I say train in ways that make you stronger and give you more endurance. I vote to try to eat healthy, but it’s not the end of the world to drink a beer every once in a while. Assuming, it’s a delicious craft beer. H...
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Top Obstacle Course Racing Blogs & Podcasts – 2016 Edition

Best OCR blogs and podcasts
When I get into a new interest, I want to know everything that I can about it. When I started getting into obstacle course racing, I probably read every blog post I could find and downloaded way too many podcasts before I even stepped anywhere near to the starting line. Not to mention books and videos, but now I'm probably getting on a tangent. If you're looking for some OCR reading or listenin...
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What Is Your Why – Finding Time & Motivation

Priorities No more excuses. You’ve signed up to do an obstacle course race and now is when you should start training. If you haven’t signed up for one, do it now. Unless you have small kids, work multiple jobs, you have time. Even in those circumstances, you have time, you just need to prioritize it. Less television. Less wasting time on Facebook. Do you want to be known for how many sho...
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