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April 2018 OCR Training Goals

In an effort to stick to my goals, I’m going to try putting them into print and sharing them with the digital world.


Run 2x a week and complete the intermediate 5K training program I’m doing. I’m hoping it will give me a good base for future training and get me in a good spot for my next OCR, a Warrior Dash near the end of the month. I’d also like to beat last month’s total of 19 miles run according to my Garmin.

Working Out

This area is a little more gray. I’m trying to find a bodyweight routine that will help me prepare for future races and ready for Yancy Camp training. I’d like to start training with Yancy again, just having a difficult time finding enough time for those workouts.

I know not having enough time is an excuse, so I’ve started to look at other options for getting ready. I used to workout in the morning, but with my toddler waking up what seems to be earlier and earlier, that’s not a safe bet anymore. However, I started doing workouts in ten minute increments. Ten minutes of yoga, ten minutes of general bodyweight, ten minutes of core, etc. on a good day I get three ten minute sets.

Yoga. I’d like to work in at least 30 minutes of Yoga a week. I’m getting older and have never been that flexible. I think it would help a lot with preventing injuries.

Pull-ups. Goal is to do three workouts a week of the 20 pull up challenge. Doing good in this department, but need to track to make sure I’m doing as good as I think I am.

OCR Race

I tentatively have a Warrior Dash scheduled for the end of the month. It’s probably the race I should’ve done a few years ago when I was just getting into OCR. My goal for this one is to have fun, run it all and complete it in less than an hour. More importantly, I’ve heard they have a kid’s training area. Can’t wait to get my son involved here.


Need to set up some sort of tracking system. Thinking an excel spreadsheet. If there’s any next steps beyond working out, that’s it. There’s a lot to track.