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About Obstacles Ahead

If you’re looking for training plans or how to compete on an elite level, you may want to check out other blogs.

If you love obstacle course racing, then you’ve found the right blog.

I’ll share OCR tips, race discounts and lots of reviews. Reviews of equipment/gear I like, reviews of apps/training programs that work and much more.

If that sounds like fun, you should hang out for a little bit.

Have questions? Please shoot me an email or find me on Twitter. I’ll do my best to answer them or point you in the direction of someone that can.

15178227_10154190518063940_5306596511711408588_nAbout Me

My name is Mike Crimmins and I’m the host here. I should warn you, I’m not an elite racer, nor am I trained coach. I’m just a participant, obsessed with OCR and working hard to improve my performance. I’ll share what I’ve learned and what’s working for me, but don’t expect a complete how to become a super athlete and training plan. There’s plenty of other sites that do that a lot better than I ever could.

Growing up, I played a lot of sports but let’s just say I was never the star athlete. I knew a lot more about the bench than anything else. I spent time in the gym sporadically in college, but I definitely wouldn’t call myself an athlete at that point. That was all longer ago than I’d like to admit, and besides a few brief obsessions with mountain biking and a few tries at Couch To 5K, I lived a pretty sedentary lifestyle.

I did my first obstacle race about in 2013. I trained for it, but I really didn’t know how to properly prepare myself. It was a 5k mud run and I focused mainly on running, with a few bodyweight exercises sprinkled in to prepare for it. The results were that I was gassed less than halfway into the race, had to walk more than I would’ve liked and the obstacles were a lot tougher than they had to be.

I had a lot of downfalls with that race. I ran out of the gate too fast and burned out too quick. I wasn’t eating right and drinking enough water prior to the race so I spent a good chunk of the race dealing with cramps of one kind or another. Not to mention that my asthma was pretty much out of control. Plus, the obstacles dominated me, instead of the other way around.

Fast forward to now and I’ve become on OCR junkie, racing in every OCR within reasonable driving range of New Orleans. Some of the obstacles like the multi-rig where I have to use a lot of upper body strength are still a work in progress. Sometimes I might have to do burpees, sometimes not. My results aren’t quite where I want them to be quite yet, but I’m in the best shape of my life, losing weight left and right, and gaining more muscle than I’ve ever had.

I invite you to join in this adventure with me.